A downloadable game for Windows

In The Envy Conflict collect crystals and take them to your spawn color, but don't go to others because you can give your crystals to them. Be the first to collect and deposit 50 crystals.

Team Name: OMEGA

Game Name: The Envy Conflict

Name of Submission: OMEGA_The Envy Conflict.zip

Everything is from scratch and made during the competition.

Game Controls:

WASD to move

Mouse to Look Around

Shift to Sprint

Space to Jump

Tab to Add Player

Esc to Quit Game

Controllers should work for all players but I didn't have the ability to test that.

Left Joystick to Move

Right Joystick to Look Around

Left Trigger to Sprint

Right Trigger to Jump

My game is 95.1 MB.

Link to Gameplay Footage:

Install instructions

You may need to download the Unreal Engine prerequisites inorder to play the game.


OMEGA_The Envy Conflict.zip 54 MB

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